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Board of Trustees

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

The Trustees of Sai Aashraya are the founding members of the organization and are the core functionaries. Each one of them have played a vital role in shaping the vision and the mission of Sai Aashraya. They are guided by the Board of Advisors who help further our mission of Love & Service in a remarkable way. 

Our Story

The Board of Trustees are all founding members of our organisation and have been fortunate to receive the opportunity to spearhead Sai Aashraya's Mission of Love & Service. Being on the ground round the clock and learning life lessons from all those who have given us this opportunity to carry out Seva (Service), has helped us become better people everyday.
                                                                        - Sai Prasad Venkatachalam 
                                                        (Founder Trustee)

Meet The Team

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