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It's All About Love

In this page reside all of Sai Aashraya's Blog Posts. All the latest updates through Sai Aashraya's quarterly newsletter 'Hridaya Spandanam' and updates from all the other Seva Projects will be shared on a regular basis here. 

The blogs contain anecdotes from all the Seva Projects being carried out. Filled with precious life lessons, these fleeting moments that become everlasting memories get etched in our hearts forever. They are an eternal source of Inspiration, Motivation, Strength and Courage for all our volunteers working round the clock to carry on this Mission of Love & Service. 

With Abundant Love,

Team Sai Aashraya

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The power of Love

We believe that Love, in any form, inspires. When the heart opens up, beauty transpires from within. Love has no form, but to the one whose heart has opened, Love is every form.

Send us your Love

We encourage everyone including children to submit your work with Love. You can send to us a drawing, your writing, anecdotes, photographs, music you composed, anything that comes from your heart, for love, with love to Remember to include your name or nickname,age and location along with your work.  

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