Thorn On The Road

A young man got married one morning at 9 0'clock. In the evening the newly wedded couple left for a walk. On the first day of their wedded life, the mind of the young man was engrossed in the welfare of his wife. They walked side by side. The young man saw a thorn on the way. He did not want his wife to tread over it. So he pulled his wife away from the thorn well in time. Six months went by. While they were walking again, he saw another thorn on the way. In a very casual manner, the husband said:


"There is a thorn in your way; try to avoid it." He was not as anxious as he was on the first day of their wedded life. One whole year went by. They were walking to some place again and he saw a thorn on the way. His wife was walking without noticing. He angrily reprimanded his wife saying: "There is a thorn, are you blind, can you not see?" Notice how within one year, the love of a husband to his wife has undergone transformation.