Sai Aashraya has been conducting FREE Super Speciality Medicare camps since November 2017 and has seen over 54,000 patients as of March-2020. Most of our patients come from a very poor background and cannot afford regular healthcare services. They belong to remotest locations and underserved communities in India where there is a lack of awareness about health and hygiene. They are completely unaware of birth defects, cardiac issues, complications in childbirth, the underlying reasons for worsening heart conditions and dietary restrictions to follow for the same .


From our experiences conducting Medicare camp, Sai Aashraya has witnessed that some of the projected health care situation in India could be worse in remote areas. For example,  per the Indian statistics, 1 in every 100 children suffers from a Congenital heart disease. Sai Aashraya has witnessed in Tawang, that numerous children fall in this category but the families have never had healthcare screening of any sort for generations. These are patients who were never part of the statistics to begin with. 


When parent(s) of a family is unable to afford healthcare or in unaware of health and hygiene, this ends up affecting the younger generations as well. 


While treating such patients who require specialized care/surgery, things become more complicated. We are often forced to refer these patients in remote areas needing specialized care or surgeries to other public or private hospitals. In this process of referral, we face the below problems

  • We are unable to effectively track progress in patient's situation because they are being treated by another hospital/ organization​.

  • We experience that the patient and their family loses motivation in the treatment process either because the waiting times in hospitals outside are outrageously long OR the family is simply unable to afford the services. Some of our patients have had to sell their properties in order to afford a safe Gynecology procedure. As an organization that strives to treat our patients with love and care, it is heart wrenching for us to see our patients go through such a difficult situation. 

This is why in 2019, Sai Aashraya  decided to build our own Super Speciality hospital, one that will provide our patients with holistic and FREE medical services including diagnosis, treatments, surgeries, medication and follow ups for Cardiac patients and in Mother and Child care services. This will not only enable us to be part of patient's journey end to end for these services but will also help us alleviate the concerns  they experience about :

a) Quality Healthcare 

b) Cost for treatment

Alleviating the above concern in turn will allow the patients and their families to focus on the most important aspect of getting better leading to patient's speedy recovery.

In addition to providing FREE medical services to patients, the Super Speciality Hospital will also be one of it's kind to contribute to the societal improvements by adopting the surrounding villages, training and employing local youth and partnering with local vendor entrepreneurs for day to day operations.


Sai Aashraya

Super Speciality Hospital

 Why we do  

Sai Aashraya's Super Speciality Hospital will include the following services for FREE:

  1. Emergency Services - Emergency services will operate 24/7. There will be qualified medical and paramedical staff available to attend to any emergencies including Trauma cases. There will be well equipped Operation theatres and procedure rooms for any surgical or other procedures along with round the clock Laboratories and Imaging services.

  2. Out-patient Services - In out-patient services, Specialist consultation will be available throughout the week or on specified days during the week. The Patient will be supported with diagnostic and laboratory services.

  3. In-patient Services - In In-patient services, facilities will be made available for all medical, peripartum, surgical and trauma patients for their entire length of stay. 


Planned Hospital Departments for Phase 1

  • General Medicine

  • Cardiology and Cardiothoracic surgery

  • Obstetrics-Gynecology

  • Neurology

  • Pediatrics

  • Orthopaedics

  • General Surgery

  • Dental


Medical Facility Details

  • Patient waiting area/ designated walk space

  • Bio Medical Lab, pathology and Micro lab

  • General & speciality outpatient consultation rooms

  • Bio-Medical Engineering

  • General and surgical Wards (Male and Female)

  • Pharmacy

  • Emergency Dept

  • 6 Operation Theatres: 4 Major

    • (2 Cardiac , 1 Obgyn, 1 General) and 2 Minor

Additional facilities within the hospital

  • 24/7 canteen facility

  • Storage area

  • Recreation area for patients/families

  • Generator/Power backup facility

  • Dormitory for Attendants

  • Sewage Treatment plan - sump/pump room

  • Administrative unit

  • General stores, Maintenance, Consumables

  • Training center

  • Central Sterile Department

What we do

  • Anaesthesiology

  • ENT

  • Emergency Medicine

  • Counselling and Therapy

  • Radiology

  • Telemedicine

  • Ophthalmology


  • Auditorium

  • Mortuary

  • Audit room/Meeting room

  • Health Management Information Systems

  • Housekeeping services Room

  • IT server rooms

  • Kids care

  • Centralised Monitoring Station

  • Bio-Medical Engineering room 

  • Parking (Doctor’s, Patient’s, Hospital)

  • Pharmacy with Loading & Unloading Bay

  • Intensive care unit and cardiac ICU

  • Pediatric unit

  • Cath Lab

  • Bio Medical Waste Management

  • Radiology unit

    • (Xray, Ultrasound, CT, MRI, Echo)

  • Rehabilitation Physiotherapy 

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Blood bank

  • Video conference room

Supporting infrastructure facilities for the hospital

  • 24/7 Cafeteria

  • Recreation area for patients/families

  • Dormitory for Attendants

  • Administrative unit

  • Training center

  • Auditorium

  • Audit room/Meeting room

  • Housekeeping services Room

  • General Stores: Maintenance, Consumables, Pharmacy with Loading & Unloading Bay.

  • Central Sterile Department

  • Health Management Information Systems

  • Biomedical Engineering room Supporting infrastructure facilities for the hospital


Additional facilities around the hospital

  • Shelter for Leprosy affected people, orphans & old aged people

  • In-house World Class state of the art 24/7 Kitchen

  • Dormitories for Attenders

  • Dormitories for Volunteers

  • Nursing staff quarters

  • Laundry Room

  • Additional Storage Area for amenities

  • Automated Washing Machine Area

Based on the statistics from our Medicare camps, we estimate that we will be serving ~9,000 patients a month and ~110,000 patients a year through this hospital. Patients that come to our medicare camp lack financial assistance, access to quality medicare or both and Sai Aashraya plans to solve both through this facility. 


Originally, Sai Aashraya had planned the medicare camps to be in operation between  8AM and 5PM IST. Due to long registration lines we are usually forced to extend  the regular timings and be on our toes starting 7AM to all the way up to 10PM IST. Such is the need of this medcare camp and our volunteer doctors and staff make it a point to see all the patients so everyone goes back happily. If a medicare camp conducted once a weekend in a month is able to create so much impact, what more can be said about the impact a permanent FREE hospital can create?

Impact that we plan to create with this project include, but are not limited to:


  • With this hospital facility consisting of 10 operation theatres, we believe that we will be able to provide holistic care and ensure we take care of the patient all through their journey of healing. 

  • Tie up with local village panchayats to hire and train local youth

  • Provide technical skill development incl Nursing, Bio-Med devices & Medical software training through our vocational training programs

  • Serve nutritious food to our patients and their families, free of cost, through our kitchen facility

  • Upskill the local workforce by training them in carpentry, plumbing, electrical, housekeeping and gardening for the purpose of ongoing operations at the hospital

  • Support local farmers, source materials locally thereby leading to an economic improvement to the villages around.

  • Tie-ups with medical schools and universities for student internships and research.


  • Kids care

  • Mortuary

  • Centralised Monitoring Station

  • Parking (Doctor’s, Patient’s, Hospital)

  • Server Rooms

  • Storage area

  • Generator/Power backup facility

  • Sewage Treatment plan - sump/pump room


Facility for energy efficient operation

  • Solar Power Enabled

  • Water re-cycle/Re-use plan

  • Plan for Go-green solutions