Mother Comes First

Pundaleek, a great devotee of Panduranga was one day massaging the feet of his mother. Then, his Panduranga, the form of God he had installed in his heart and shrine, came in all His splendor and stood before him. What a temptation to give up the service to the mother and rush towards the Feet of his God!


But, Pundaleeka said: "Please wait a few moments, I shall finish this service and then offer homage to You". He threw a brick for Panduranga to stand upon, for it is the first step in hospitality, to offer a seat for the guest.

Pundaleeka's guru, Kabir, told him that one does service to the mother so that the grace of God can be won. But, even then, he did not give up the service in the middle. Such was his steadfastness and his faith.