The Mango

When the mango is tender on the tree, it is very unpleasant to the tongue, with an astringent taste. After some weeks, when it grows big, it will taste very sour. But when it is fully ripe, it can be eaten with relish, for, the juice will be sweet and replete with pleasant flavor.

Man too is like the mango. The astringent stage is the early tamasic stage - the stage of indolence, inactivity and dullness. Man must then be alert, not to be satisfied with sloth. He must dream of the consummation that is in store. Then, man attains the rajasic stage, as the mango reaches the sour stage. Man then enjoys power over others; he pursues vigorously the fancies of his senses and prides himself on his greeds and hatreds. But, man must, at this stage be vigilant and pull himself back in time, and gain control over his passions and prejudices. This will make him, a sweet juicy ripe coveted 'mango', of the satvic type.