Do Not Rush

You must take every step in sâdhana or in samsara, only after deep deliberation and satisfying yourself that it will be for your good. Otherwise, it will be like that story of the weeping city. One day, a close female attendant of the queen came to the palace weeping in great sorrow, and so also the queen began to shed tears. Seeing the queen in tears, the entire zenana (the part of a house for the seclusion of women in India and Iran) wept and the weeping spread to the male attendants also. The king, finding the queen inconsolably sad also wept profusely in sympathy, and the sight made the entire city weep loud and nonstop.


At last, one sensible fellow set in motion an inquiry, which passed through person after person until the queen herself was accosted. She said that her attendant was in sore grief, and when she, a washer woman by caste, was interrogated, she confessed that it was all due to the sudden demise of her favourite ass! When this news spread, the weeping ceased and there was widespread laughter and shame. Reason out, discriminate; do not rush to conclusions or be led away by mere hearsay.