Don't Be Greedy

Someone had a hundred acres in the south; but he had an itching for more, at least a 1000. So he went in all directions seeking regions where he could get vast areas of uncultivated but cultivable land. At last, he came to a Himalayan kingdom and the King gladly offered to give him all the land he hungered for. The only limit he placed was his endurance. He said the man should start walking without tarrying; he should return to the starting point before the sun had set. All the land enclosed by his route, traced by his steps from start to finish, would be his. That was the generous offer the King made.


The greedy migrant waited anxiously for the first rays of the rising sun and he started off on the circumference of a very wide circle, running in fact, until evening fell. He was so exhausted when he neared the starting point that within three yards of the starting spot, he dropped dead! His heart stopped beating. He had overworked it in his mad race to appropriate as many acres as he possibly could, before sunset.