A street-hawker had on his head a basket full of empty bottles, as he walked along to the bazaar. He hoped to sell the lot at a profit of ten rupees and, in ten days, he calculated his earnings would have accumulated to a hundred rupees. With that capital, he planned to switch on to more profitable deals, so, that he imagined he could make a pile of a lakh of rupees in a few months and build a bungalow with a lovely garden tended by a regiment of servants beaming all round the house. There he saw himself on a sofa in the greenery playing with his grandchildren.


He was engrossed in that charming scene but suddenly he saw among his grandchildren, the child of one of the servants. He got angry at this unwanted intrusion. Believing his fantasy to be a reality, he suddenly grabbed the child and gave it a swift hefty push, only to find that the basket of bottles had fallen on the road arid all hopes of even the ten rupees lost! That was the end of a dream built on the slender basis of greed.