- Who is the inspirer for these novel projects ?

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba is our inspiration and role model. His life of love and service to humanity was his message to mankind and we, as his beloved devotees, want to live his message and spread love and do selfless service to the community. Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai baba said “If you do not love other human beings, you do not love God. If you do not serve other human beings you cannot serve God.” Love All, Serve All is what he taught us and we strive to live upto his ideals.

- What is Sai Aashraya ?

Aashraya means shelter. At Sai Aashraya we strive to provide a shelter to the poor, sick and needy. The biggest plague of humanity is hunger. While we try to eradicate hunger by feeding the poor as much as we can, we are also aware of the root cause of poverty. Lack of education, lack of opportunities and decreasing ethical values are some of the main reasons for this. Mahatma Gandhiji said that “The world has enough for everyone's need, but not enough for everyone's greed.” We strive to address the root cause of the problem so it doesn’t sprout for the next generation. At Sai Aashraya we provide education to the children, provide them nutrition, teach them moral values and virtues and make them a better human being. We believe, these individuals will grow up to be noble citizens of the country and give back love and service to the needy community.

- Do you belong to any religious affiliation ?

Yes, we do. Our religion is the religion of Love. Our language is the language spoken by the heart. Our caste is humanity..

- How can I volunteer ?

Love is the eligibility. If you have a deep desire to love and serve the sick, poor and needy then you are one among us. Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba often says LOVE IS ITS OWN REWARD. Do visit us during one of the seva activities to see how we are touching people’s life. If you are inspired, please do join us. Our contact information is updated in the contact page.


- Can I donate to your noble cause ?

We encourage participation rather than donation. We do collect used but good quality clothes, and other provisions before a seva. There are also volunteering opportunities during these seva projects. Kindly write to us if you are interested to be part of these loving ventures. Our contact is updated in the website, please feel free to call or email.

- When and Where is the next Service activity ?

Please refer to this link Sai Aashraya's Service Projects

- Who pays for conducting these seva projects ?

Sai Aashraya is a organization formed by like minded normal individuals belong to regular middle-class families. We self fund our breakfast seva, medical camp, leprosy camp and the narayana seva. Our ever-ready volunteers come together and make it happen.

- I live in Timbuktu, can I help ?

Yes, you too can help, even if you are not living physically near us. There are many ways you can help. You can spread the word around about our free service opportunities. If you know poor and sick people in and around Bangalore, you can inform them about our free medical camp. You can offer a silent prayer in your heart to the suffering patients who come to our camps. You can pray to give strength to our ever active volunteers. Your goodwill thought for our success is a great help.

Frequently Asked Questions