Help In Need Is Help Indeed

An ant was caught on a dry leaf that was being carried down a flooded river and it called out from its tiny heart to God for succor. God prompted a kite (a long-winged bird of prey that typically has a forked tail and frequently soars on updrafts of air) that was flying over the river to dive and rise up, with the leaf in its beak; for He made the bird mistake it for a fish or frog! The bird was sorely disappointed, but, the ant was delighted to land on hard ground! 


God came as a kite and rescued me, it felt. I must be grateful to the bird, to all birds it resolved. One day, while on its morning round, it saw a hunter aim an arrow at a bird. Remembering how its own life was given by a bird, it bit the heel of the hunter, when he was about to release the mortal shaft; the aim failed, the bird flew off and was saved. The ant had paid its debt.