Anagha Kurulkar (8 years)
- Volunteer at Breakfast Seva

I got to know SAI AASHRAYA volunteers through my Dad and his friend. Once when I went to India, I got a chance to see how the volunteers there do mid-night seva every night between 12 AM - 6 AM. Seeing that I was wondering how can anyone stay up all night for seva. I also helped my dad one of the evenings by serving food to the poor people. Also, one day, when my dad was parking the car, i literally saw the homeless people eagerly waiting for us as they were very hungry and then they felt very happy when they received the food. 


When i grow up I want to help the needy too because if GOD gave us everything we need, it is our duty to share that with the needy !!! 

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"Love Must Express Itself As Service"

- Sathya Sai Baba