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Arjun Chandra - (13 Years)
- Volunteer at Breakfast Seva

It all started a couple of years ago when just us and a few neighborhood families started making burritos for homeless people on the streets of Oakland.
After doing it for every other weekend for one or two months, I actually enjoyed doing it as it was a lot of fun. After some time I thought it was a good idea to invite some of my friends because we needed more help, and there was not as much help for a few weeks. I messaged some of my friends asking if they wanted to help out. Originally they all wanted to get community hours for school and they joined. And after several times they started doing it themselves, even though they had enough community hours. They enjoyed making burritos. After some time, it became an activity where every two weeks, us friends hung out, while also helping people out. It was fun and enjoyable and it was a good experience.

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