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Bharadwaj Swaminathan
- Volunteer at Breakfast Seva

I happened to volunteer at Sai Aashraya breakfast camp and I was overwhelmed to see the group of volunteers getting up very early in the morning, working hard to serve breakfast for slum children who are no way related to them. This is service rendered completely selfless and these smalls acts are the spiritual fabric of our nation, that serves as the building blocks for our nation. I happened to volunteer on the day when they had a celebration, they had planned a simple yet value based games for kids and entertained them on the weekend.


All my life, I have seen slum children being ignored, here I saw people playing value based games with them with the intention of teaching them love, peace and joy. When I heard from the teachers of the government school acknowledging the development of kids not just in the education front but also in their nutrition front and the values these kids display in school with elders and other students over the months have remarkably changed for the better, to hear this from the school representatives praising the change in students behavior was very inspiring.  

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