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Dinesh Swaminathan
- Volunteer at Medical Camp

Volunteering at the medical camp was one of the few memorable incidents that happened during this recent India trip. It was an overwhelming experience to see people of many walks coming together to volunteer for this free medical camp. The entire camp was very orderly and well planned. I was swept away by looking at the profile of doctors and my fellow volunteers who came to this camp. I understood that the entire camp was driven by sheer love for serving the community. I was taught how to hurt people. Yes you read it right, i was in charge of taking sugar tests on patients 😃 I will never forget the frightened looks of the patients who came to my desk. Every one of them treated me like a doctor and requested me to prick them lightly.


Whenever i volunteer, i always doubt if the service activity was really beneficial and catering to the right set of people. One particular incident where the reading showed 400  made me believe that we need such medical camps not once a month but once a week. I could not believe myself when i saw the equipment touching 400, i thought the equipment was not working and did the test again which resulted in similar number.  When i asked the patient if he had history of diabetes, his response moved me to tears. He said he knew he was diabetic but did not have the money for buying medicines, nor did he have money to pay for the doctor or even eat good food on a daily basis.


It was then I realized the value of Sai Aashraya, what an impact the medical camp is having. Free checkup is done, free medicines are given, and volunteers store the medical records on Electronic Health Record systems and do regular follow up. I was so overwhelmed to see how these people are silently creating a revolution. I wish to be part of such noble and elevating endeavors in my future, it is my great honor to have known these people and I am extremely blessed to have gotten this opportunity to work alongside these people in this divine cause.

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