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Isha Bharadwaj (8 years)
- Volunteer at Breakfast Seva

What I do to help in Sai Aashraya is I help my dad pack oatmeal in boxes & I put raisins and close the boxes. Something else I do to help is I sort out the juice boxes & arrange other things. Another thing I do to help is I put cream cheese & cheese to help make the burrito bowl for 

the poor. Then I gave some bananas in California & India for poor children or people. Why I am doing this is because they need us to help them & we also like to help them. How I feel about helping them is happy because it is fun to do seva. And what we are doing is helping them a lot. 


If we don’t help them they will go hungry. In the future, I want to make more food to help other people in need. 


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