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Krishna Bharadwaj (10 years)
- Volunteer at Golden School

I was a thankless kid. I always used to think about what I did not have, but the experience I am going to share about changed my life from then. So it was 2018 and I was in the third standard living in America and we were going to a vacation to India and I was so excited because I was going to meet my patti (grandmother in tamil) and thatha (grandfather in tamil) but also I was going to meet Sai (founder of Sai Aashraya). So I boarded the flight and watched a few movies and I landed in Singapore and took another flight to Bangalore (because I was going to see Sai first and then my grandparents in Chennai) and it was like say... 4 hours long ?


Finally after a long time I reached Bengaluru airport and I saw Sai and his other friends. After a few weeks we went to another school and serve the children with food... but... this was not an ordinary school. The school I was going to was called golden (unable to talk & hear) and when the children saw Sai they opened there mouth and tried to scream with so much happiness for him. I saw there sweet faces and I almost started crying. I was about to cry for two reasons : one: I felt so bad for them and two : they couldnt even talk while I had an Ipad pro and still they felt so thankful and I felt so thankless. The lesson I learnt is: always be thankful does not matter If you have things that you want or you dont have it.

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