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Megha Kurulkar
- Volunteer at Medicare Camp

“Service is Love in Action”- You can truly experience this when you attend any of the Service Projects of Sai Aashraya in Bangalore. I was blessed with this opportunity in the last two visits to India. During my first visit in 2018, I got a chance to attend the Breakfast Seva program in Golden School(special needs kids). As soon as we went, all the kids assembled in the dining hall with utmost discipline and seated in an orderly manner.  The most touching part was - the volunteers served each and every dish on the plate with a smile and by patting them gently on their back inquiring about them. I felt all the volunteers of Sai Aashraya had a personal connection with each and every kid over there. This was truly inspirational to me because  - “The person who is serving, the recipient of the service and the process of serving are all one—and are all divine”.


During my next visit in February 2020, I got the opportunity to attend Sai Aashraya’s Medical Camp which was my long awaited dream. This was a two-day event, yes I call it as an event - because it was indeed a festive atmosphere where the entire camp was organized, clean and built the previous day in just a matter of 4-5 hours. All the volunteers greet and welcome each and every one of them with a broad smile, be it patients, doctors or volunteers and that makes you feel cared and loved. 


I was assigned the job to take patients inside the doctors cabin and help as needed. Here, the most striking factor which really moved me was the utmost love and care shown by the high profile doctors, their attention to detail and repeating the importance of nutrition(what to eat, what not to eat, exercise) to each and every patient tirelessly which I have never seen being done in any of the hospitals. The doctor also explained to me the importance of personal touch - which will directly express care, compassion and comfort to the patients. Many patients told me that they are just happy seeing the warmth, love and support the doctors and volunteers pour onto them that they feel they are already cured. Just being there two days with such amazing people was a memorable and unforgettable experience that cannot be explained in words. 


Another inspiring observation was that the entire team of doctors and volunteers do not waste even a single minute just to make sure they can serve as many patients as possible in a day. They don’t take any breaks in between except a lunch break for 10-15 minutes maximum, then come back in action with the same energy and enthusiasm unlike in other hospitals and camps I have seen in the past. This shows the dedication, commitment and love of Team Sai Aashraya towards serving people. 


I am very thankful and will always be grateful to the entire Sai Aashraya team for giving me this opportunity as this taught me how to practice humility and compassion through Service, the highest form of Spiritual Discipline. 

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