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Sowmya Ramani
- Volunteer at Medical Camp, Leprosy Camp, Narayana Seva

The foremost learning as being part of Sai Aashraya is that the act of serving is for self-transformation first; there has to be a sense of gratitude to the receiver for giving the opportunity to serve. Until couple of years back, this concept was unknown to me. There was a sense of satisfaction and admittedly the sense of doer-ship. Sai Aashraya not only provided the opportunity to serve but also change my perception of service; it has humbled me.

With very senior and devout volunteers leading the youth, Sai Aashraya provides varied learning experiences which are not limited only to service, the very act, but a gamut of other things. I have now seen from them what it is be selfless, what it is to be in strict obedience, what it means to sacrifice, what it means to love, what it means to put others before you. In short, it is overwhelming.


I have personally felt that all the services in Sai Aashraya may it be Medical camp or Leprosy service or breakfast service, have taken priority over personal agendas for the volunteers. This has been another significant learning for me. Service is not a hobby but it is as significant as personal endeavors. This, in my opinion doesn’t translate to contribution of substantial time; its quality that matters and not quantity. The result that it offers has to be experienced than told. Personally, being part of Sai Aashraya has been momentous in my personal transformation. I consciously remind myself that ‘known is a drop and unknown is an ocean’


The entire experience leaves me only with one concluding thought “ I am fortunate beyond words and thoughts that I am part of Sai Aashraya and would always be grateful for the opportunities for service and spiritual upliftment”

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