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Tvisha Shankar (11 years)
- Volunteer at Medicare Camps

Before I was participating in all small activities as a volunteer. In future, I would love to be a running volunteer in Sai Aashraya. Sai Aashraya is a private healthcare centre(services). A healthcare centre which has good equipments, good doctors and volunteers, compared to public healthcare services (Government hospitals). There is 24/7 Seva in here.


Here we provide food for schools, slums etc.... And other areas throughout the world. When I become a little bigger, I will take part in these activities and help people throughout the world who are suffering due to some problems and I would try my best to provide the best treatment to all people. It is my dream to join Sai Aashraya when I become big. I will do my best to bring, Sai Aashraya the first best trust in health care centre in the world :)

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