Intimations or Mortality

One merchant who was very much afraid of death, worshiped Yama, the God of Death, for many years and offered elaborate puja to Him. Yama was pleased at the special attention and adoration shown by him and promised that he will not pounce upon him all of a sudden, but will give him advance intimation, so that he could put his affairs in good trim before leaving the world. When at last, his end came and he was about to die, he got wild with Yama and in his anger, he blamed Yama with falsehood, ingratitude and cheating. He said that he was not given any advance intimation at all.


But, Yama said: "Why? I have sent you not one but four intimations, well in advance of this consummation." The merchant said that he had not received any of them. But Yama said: "Your hair turned grey, that was the first intimation. But, you dyed it and forgot its lesson. I made you bald, but you wore a wig and slighted the notice I gave. Then, I had all your teeth fall off; you wore a denture and pretended I was far away. The fourth intimation I sent was folds all over your skin. You did not pay heed to that warning too". Indeed Yama had kept His word.

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- Sathya Sai Baba