Laudable Choice

The Yaksha on the tree had stopped the five Pândava brothers from drinking at the lake below, for, it put questions to each of them and when they could not answer to its satisfaction, they died - four of them! It was Dharmarâja (Yudhisthhira), the eldest, who came last. He was able to answer the questions correctly. So, the Yaksha said: "Well, you can now revive and take with you one of the four brothers who are lying here dead". Yudhisthhira had the hardest of problems, but, he did not take long to select. He did not revive either Bhîma or Arjuna, though they were for him as his two hands. He selected Nakula.


The Yaksha asked him why he had chosen him. He said: "I, Bhîma and Arjuna are the sons of Kuntî and Nakula and Sahadeva are the sons of my stepmother Madrî. My mother has me alive, so I wished my stepmother too to have a son alive; So I choose one of her sons". What a noble heart was his! At this the Yaksha was so pleased that it allowed him to revive all four and go forward happily.