Love Your Fellow Man

Abou Ben Adhem saw a brilliance in his room when he returned home. He found an angel sitting at the table and recording something in a register. He ventured to ask her very politely what she was so assiduously writing down. She said that she was recording the names of those who loved God. Abou was a kind soul who helped the poor, shared his food and shelter with the hungry and the homeless; he was ever engaged in wiping tears off the faces of the sad. He had no particular loyalty to any God. He loved persons following all religions, provided they were good and kind He cared only for the broad heart and the controlled mind. The Angel said: "No, your name is not here."

Next day, Abou's home was again lit with the same brilliance, in the centre of which was found the same recording Angel. She had another register now. Abou asked her what she was recording in that register. She said: "I am writing down the names of those who are loved by God." Hesitatingly and with great temerity, Abou asked her whether his name was in that register. The angel put her finger on the very first entry and said: "See! Your name is the very first". Love your fellowmen, that is the best method to earn the Grace of God.