Living in harsh conditions in the slums in urban Bangalore are many people with nowhere to go when they fall sick. The corporate hospitals of today don’t accommodate the needs of the needy and sick who knock on their doors seeking help charging exorbitant amounts for even basic Medicare. Lot of these people die often not taking care of their health and don’t even know if they are sick. Sometimes they even ignore symptoms of severe health issues. To make it worse are the social evils of drinking and smoking which contribute to their health problems.

Medicare Camp

 Why we do  

We at Sai Aashraya decided to serve these brethren who needed access to quality Medicare. A monthly Super Specialty Medical Camp was the idea we came up with. In a week, the camp was ready to be organized and temporary rooms were constructed in the ISRO Community Hall and a red carpet was laid out welcoming the patients.


Medical camp includes services as below:

- Cardiology (With Echo and ECG Tests)


- Ophthalmology

- Cancer Screening

- Vision checking by partnering with Sankara Eye Hospitals

- Neurology

- Thyroid Checkup

- Dermatology

- Gynaecology

- Diabetes Testing & Treatment

Tuberculosis Checkup

- Hypertension Tests 

- Dental Checkup

- Counselling

In These Camps. Medicines for a month are given to the Patients and all this free of charge. We store all the Patients’ Records in the cloud and follow up with Patients regularly. On an average 700 patients attend these camps with 200 Children and 500 Adults being treated by our specialist team of Doctors.

What we do

"The service of man is the only means by which you can serve GOD." 

In the last 3 years, Sai Aashraya has seen more than 54,000 Patients in Bangalore and the inflow of Patients is increasing manifold. Many severe cases of heart issues, neurological issues have been detected early and the Patients are on the road to recovery. Patients today walk in healthier and want to volunteer in Sai Aashraya’s activities.


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"Love Must Express Itself As Service"

- Sathya Sai Baba