Once, the Buddha felt thirsty and wanted to drink some water. He sent his disciple to fetch water from a nearby river. When he went there, he saw the water was very dirty and unfit for consumption. So, he came back empty-handed and told the Buddha, “I am sorry, the water is very dirty, so I did not bring it.” 


The Buddha said, “It’s all right. Just wait for a while.” After a few moments, he sent him again and said, “Now go and bring the water.” When the disciple returned to the river, he saw the water was now clear and he could collect a potful and come back. 


The Buddha asked, “What did you do to make the water clean?”


The disciple replied, “I did not do anything. I just waited.” In that waiting moment, all the dust and dirt settled down and what was remaining was clear water.


Moral of the story:

Hence, when such moments come, when things are unclear, just wait; don’t be in a hurry to take a decision. The problem with most people is, they sit in front of God's photo and meditate for a while, do a few breathing exercises, chant a few names and immediately expect results. Put some effort and wait. Shraddha, sincere effort, and saburi, patience, are both required. As you learn to wait, in that waiting, you will evolve and that will teach you; the patience will teach you how to go about it. Don’t be in a hurry. Hurry, worry, curry – all three are not good in spirituality. Therefore, when such a situation arises, just calm down and wait. When you try again, you will get the answer. 

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- Sathya Sai Baba