Prayer for the week

 Pray together for Syrian refugee children. Prayer has the greatest potency to bring about healing and peace to the suffering. Let’s spend 2 mins everyday praying to God for this pitiable situation that has come upon the face of our Mother Earth.

Pray For Syria

The Syrian civil war, now in its sixth year, is a slaughterhouse, a complete meltdown of humanity and the apex of horror. The war has killed hundreds of thousands of people and forced more than 11 million from their homes and almost 5 million in neighboring countries. In many cases, children caught up in this crisis have fared the worst, losing parents or friends to the violence, suffering physical and psychological trauma, or falling years behind in school. Prayer is a great way to teach your children how to intercede on behalf of those in need. Pray together for Syrian refugee children.

 Why pray?  

Prayer is the subtlest and most sublime thread that links the human soul with the Divine Spirit. It establishes a relationship between the individual and the Infinite Supreme. It is the winged arrow of human feeling that coalesces with the Divine Love of God. Prayer yields surest results when it is selfless. 

All religions expound the glory of prayer. Every saint took recourse to prayer in his spiritual growth. There is no great man upon earth who did not offer prayers at the recognition of the Divine Hand guiding him. Real prayer does not depend upon how many beautiful words you have selected to repeat or whether you have a good accent or not. Prayer depends upon the purity of your feeling and the intensity of your yearning.

Group gatherings for celebrating holy festivals, mass prayers and group devotional singing have been recommended in every religion as it has the greatest potency to bring about God’s grace rapidly. Let’s all come together and sincerely pray for everyone suffering around the world, because world peace can only be achieved by internal transformation of every single person. Let’s spread our Love and pray for everyone to be at peace. May all the beings in all the world be happy !!

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