Revere your parents

Revere your parents. There is nothing equal to mother's love. There was once a place, which was hit by a hurricane so wild that all the houses were razed to the ground, and people had nothing to eat and nowhere to lay their heads. Among the worst hit were a mother and her two sons. The elder bow was a gem of virtue; he felt responsible for the safety and care of the family; he loved his mother, and sought to win her love and blessings, more than anything else.

The mother with the younger child was going out begging and keeping alive on the little they could get from the famine-stricken land. Soon, she found that she was too weak even to walk a few steps and so, the elder son had to go begging, all alone, to feed the family. He said, falling at her feet, he would do what she was doing and collect food for all. He wanted that she should not over-exert, and worsen her health. How could three live on mere handfuls ? The son too was rendered weak. With faint voice and fainter steps, he moved towards a zamindar's [mogol name for leaseholder in India to collect taxes from peasants] house and called out for a morsel.


The lady of the house called him in and led him to a plate whereon she served some food. But he tottered into an upright position, and fell plump on the floor. The zamindar came running into the room and placed her ear near the dying boy's mouth, so that she could catch the last words that emerged from his lips. He was saying: 'No, no! First she must be given food. My turn comes next'. You may be able to pay back any debt; but, the debt you owe your mother, you never can repay. Those who claim to be devotees of God must have this credential; they must revere the mother!

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- Sathya Sai Baba