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Hridaya Spandanam - A Sai Aashraya Newsletter - April 2023 Edition

Namaskaar! Greetings to All!

It is with great happiness that we present to you this special edition of Hridaya Spandanam - Sai Aashraya's Quarterly Newsletter - April 2023 Edition.

In this edition, we present to you a detailed status update from the remarkable progress made in the construction of our Hospital. As we bring to you this Heartfelt offering, we are thrilled to share that the construction part of our Hospital is now nearly complete and the finishing works have begun. We are on track to commissioning our Hospital in November 2023. Another special part of the newsletter is the update from Sai Aashraya's Seva in Tawang District, Arunachal Pradesh which has gathered great momentum in the last few months. We also bring to you updates from all the other Seva Projects that are being carried in full swing with great dedication by our team.

Dear All,

We convey our Heartfelt Apologies for the delay in the publication of this newsletter as we did our best to add all the latest updates and present a new design as well.

We take this opportunity to convey our Heartfelt Gratitude to each one of you for being there with us as an integral part of Sai Aashraya's Mission of Love & Service.

As we come one step closer to seeing our Temple of Healing ready to heal the first little heart, let us all continue to work together as One Team to realise this One Dream that all of us share.

Namaskaar! Jai Hind!

With Abundant Love,

Team Sai Aashraya

Hridaya Spandanam-April2023 Edition
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