Stop Flipping Over

On one summer evening, a boy was riding his bicycle down the road when he stopped to notice something. He noticed that along the pavement was a small bug lying on its back, struggling to get back on its legs. The bug tried hard but it seemed helpless and couldn't get back on it's feet. He took pity to the bug's situation and took a small stick from nearby and helped it turn over. He watched the bug take a few steps only to topple back over! He waited and again helped the bug turn over. He observed that the bug now took a couple of steps but in it's effort to climb a leaf, toppled over again. The boy once again helped it go back on it's feet. But after a fews steps the bug toppled over again. He tried to help the bug a couple of times but every time he thought the bug would do fine, it toppled over again. After a few attempts, the sun began to set and the boy had to go home.

He came back home reflecting on what had just happened and wrote in his diary thus. "Dear Diary, today I tried to help a bug stand on his legs, but every time I did so, he flipped over. A lot of times this is what we do. God tries to help us but we flip over into being angry,sad,mad,irritated,not happy. Every single time we flip, God offers us a stick called 'faith' to get back on our legs and yet we flip. I wish everyone knew that there exists a helping hand. I wish that everyone would learn to stop flipping!"