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Tawang(Arunachal Pradesh)
Gram Seva & Medicare

Sai Aashraya’s Seva initiatives in remote villages in and around Tawang District, Arunachal Pradesh is are always a highlight, among all the Seva Projects, due to the challenging conditions and more importantly the tremendous impact that is created.

Seeing an immense need to do our bit in improving the availability of quality healthcare in this region where people live in very remote villages which are often very tough to access. Passing through an altitude of 14,000ft. Sai Aashraya reached out to the District Administration seeking permission to replicate the Medicare Seva being carried out in other parts of Bharat. The Indian Army and  District’s Medical Administration welcomed our team with warm hearts and with their support we have been able to serve the most under-served amongst us in this region. 

Why we do

We started with carrying out Super Speciality Medicare Camps once in every two months. Working at an altitude of 14,000 ft above sea level, and in tough weather conditions, we carry out Seva in these villages. The very fact that we have been able to carry out this Seva every two months is a testament to the power of the Love that is showered upon us by the people living in these areas. With time, we adopted 5 remote villages in this region with support of the Indian Army and the District Administration. This enabled us to travel hut to hut, village to village, taking the Loving and Holistic Medicare to the Doorsteps of people. 

During the Medicare Seva here, we found a high incidence of Congenital Heart Disease among children. Many of the people living here haven’t ever met a Doctor. As we worked more, we found children having severe ailments like Rheumatic Heart Disease and many other life-threatening conditions. The Elders too were being diagnosed with severe Cardiac Ailments arising from Hypertension and Diabetes. Due to lack of proper Medical Management their illnesses often progressed to stages that put their lives at risk.

Our Volunteers worked extensively on creating awareness by working together with the people and this has resulted in increased awareness about common ailments, symptoms of major health issues and the need to look after one’s health in the best way possible. Large number of Children are screened every camp for Congenital Heart Disease, creating awareness to bring more confidence to the parents that this can be treated, if identified in time.

What we do

Sai Aashraya has touched thousands of lives through taking the most Loving and Holistic Medicare to the doorstep of these inspiring people living in the remotest parts of India. From a situation where so many people lacked awareness about even primary healthcare to where we are today! It has been a great journey. We have been successful in getting so many of them treated with tie ups with Private Hospitals, Charitable Hospitals, Foundations and Institutions. With our own hospital coming up now, we will be able to heal these little hearts in our own Temple of Healing.  Of the 72,000 patients we have been able to treat over the last 6 years, the kind of ailments we came across here have been the most challenging. It changed the way we looked at the future of our Medicare Seva Projects which lead to us thinking about our own hospital which will be ready in June 2023. 


Sai Aashraya also adopted 5 remote villages near the Indo-China Border and holistic care is being provided with the support of the Indian Army, Local Administration and Local Volunteers living in the villages who take care of the people and keep Team Sai Aashraya posted on a regular basis. The improvement in the health of the people is tremendous and the level of awareness has also increased drastically. 

The progress that Sai Aashraya Adarsh Gram made, was a turning point and similar progress is being seen here as well. Though it took a long time, the transformation happened and Love continues to transform more and more lives here everyday. Our eventual aim is to make all these villages self sustained and become centres of development for surrounding areas. 

To learn more about Sai Aashraya's Seva in Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh, please do watch this video


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