Tawang(Arunachal Pradesh)

Gram Seva & Medicare

A strong need was felt to reach out and provide quality Medicare in Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh as the people lacked quality Medicare there. At an altitude of 14,000 feet, in biting cold weather people lack quality medical attention when needed most. The nearest hospital with quality doctors and diagnostics is 14 hours away. Many people die on the way to a hospital. Sai Aashraya decided to take the Medicare initiative to Tawang.

Why we do

During the first camp itself, there were people diagnosed with heart problems and other serious health issues. The patients had tears in their eyes as they had never been provided such high-quality Medicare with so much of Love. A patient said that he had never seen a doctor before all his life and that he was born at home and an old midwife did the delivery. Another patient didn’t know what a water bottle was as they had always taken water from the streams nearby. Many heart rending scenes were witnessed by all in the span of 2 days.


The Medicare Camp takes place once in 2 months. Today, the people say they have no worry about their health as Sai Aashraya takes care of them. Children with heart holes, young men and women with heart problems and old people with no one to care for them being treated for their serious ailments are events that move people and has inspired the locals to volunteer in the camp. Medicines are given for 2 months to all the patients and their records are stored in the cloud. The findings are also shared with the local administration which takes care of the follow up process.

What we do

As of today, Sai Aashraya has treated almost 8,000 Patients in Tawang. Sai Aashraya as on March 2019 has adopted 5 villages and holistic care is being provided with the help of the Administration and Local Volunteers who take care of the people and keep Team Sai Aashraya posted on a regular basis. The improvement in the health of the people is tremendous and the level of awareness has also increased drastically. 

The progress that Sai Aashraya Adarsh Gram made, was a turning point and similar progress is being seen here as well. Though it took a long time, the transformation happened and Love continues to transform more and more lives here everyday.


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"Love Must Express Itself As Service"

- Sathya Sai Baba