The senses are the villains, they instil the delusion that you are the upadhi (container, disguise, encasement, limitation). Curb them as tbe bull is curbed by the nose-ring, the horse by the bit in the mouth, the elephant by the goad. When the Pândavas were traversing the Himalayas towards the end of their careers, Dharmaraja [Yudhishthhira] was still affected by mental anxieties and so he prayed to Lord Krishna to spend some time with them.


On His departure from their dwelling, Krishna gave Dharmaraja a note, which he was to read to himself whenever he was affected by joy or grief. The note read "eppudoo undadu" - 'it will not last forever'. That is one method by which mental agitations can be calmed

This Will Not Last

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- Sathya Sai Baba