Youth, Best Phase Of Life

Two young men studying in the same college challenged eachother - who can eat faster than the other, a prescribed number of bananas. They decided upon impartial umpires and stood before the banana baskets.

One young man resolved that if he eats the skins first, the sweet soft fruit inside can be no problem later; the other youth decided that once the soft portions were eaten fast he would have enough time to chew the skins. But, after finishing the skins the first young man had no stomach to swallow the kernel; he was too full. The other man had to stop as soon as he had finished the soft insides, for he had no more space inside him for the skins! Both failed in the competition; but, what a difference they had in their experiences! The first had a surfeit of bitter; the other, a surfeit of sweet!

People resolve to experience God and godly company only after going through most of life. They eat skins and have no appetite for the kernel. The first place must be accorded to God; then, joy and peace will be the lot.

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"Love Must Express Itself As Service"

- Sathya Sai Baba