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We are from Sai Aashraya, a non-profit organisation headquartered in Bengaluru, India. Sai Aashraya's Seva (Service) Projects which revolve around the 4 Pillars of Food & Nutrition, Medicare, Educare and Sociocare has touched millions of lives in the last 7 years. 


Sai Aashraya was born out of one heartfelt question that a little Syrian girl child asked one of us. “Are there children like us in India too? Do you also serve food to children like us in India?” That one question straight from the heart of that little Angel lit the spark of Love in our hearts and Sai Aashraya was born. 

To learn more about this powerful experience that was the genesis of this organization, please do watch this video from Sai Aashraya’s Video Series Chronicles of Love, that documents the Journey of Sai Aashraya so far. 


Sai Aashraya's Mission of Love & Service is constituted by the following four Pillars: - 

  • Food & Nutrition

  • Medicare

  • Educare

  • Sociocare 

Through the various Seva initiatives taken up under these 4 pillars, we aim to achieve the following: - 


  • समता - Equality

  • समग्रता - Integrity

  • समैक्यता - Unity 

  • सौभ्रातृत्व – Fraternity  


Achieving the above goals in every location where we work is our vision. The above 4 milestones are the hallmarks of a self reliant society and is pivotal to achieving Global Harmony and Universal Peace. This is our guiding philosophy and we strive to play our role in all of mankind's efforts to make our world a better place to live in. 


All of Sai Aashraya’s Seva Projects take the Highest Quality Seva offerings to the doorstep of the people living in some of the most under-served, diverse and challenging locations. To Love All - Serve All is the Mission that Sai Aashraya is on. 



Here is a bird's eye view of our Mission: -


Food & Nutrition – To ensure that Children and Elders alike have access to the highest quality Food & Nutrition as the first step to achieving good health. The Breakfast Seva Project that provides a healthy Breakfast to school going Children every morning and the 24/7 Food Seva are instruments of this Mission.


Medicare – To take Holistic and Loving Medicare to the doorstep of all the people who lack access or cannot afford the same, through carrying out Super Speciality Outreach Medicare Camps that facilitates early detection and treatment of all major ailments. These camps at remote locations help address the root cause and focus on preventive medicine through creating awareness. 


To build State of the Art Healthcare Institutions which will be Temples of Healing providing the most Loving and Holistic Medicare to all absolutely free of cost. These Super Speciality Hospitals will provide treatment and carry out surgeries in areas of Paediatric and Adult Cardiac Care and Mother & Child Care, the two main disciplines which are at the core of Sai Aashraya's Medicare Seva Projects. 


Even as we provide Paediatric Cardiac Care and Mother & Child Care in some of the remotest areas of our Motherland, we carry out Child Health Screening in line with the Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram (RBSK) of India’s National Health Mission (NHM) which is an important initiative aiming at early identification and early intervention for children from birth to 18 years to cover 4 ‘D’s i.e. 


Defects at birth



Development delays including disability


Our focus is to identify the problems early and treat them before the ailment progresses to its peak affecting the life of the child. This ensures that the child is healthy and is empowered to aim high and soar high in life. Good health enables the child to take the journey of acquiring the right knowledge, and also acts as a catalyst to implementing it for the welfare of the Home, Society, Nation and the World.


Educare - To ensure that children in schools and villages adopted by Sai Aashraya receive Educare which is providing Education with Human Values, where the goodness in the hearts of these children is brought out, making them Model Citizens and Messengers of Love to bring Global Harmony. 


Sociocare - To create happy homes wherever we go -  From the homes of our Breakfast Seva children to the slums where we carry out Seva, to the villages we adopt in the remotest parts of India. Once there is Harmony at home, the same spreads to the Society, the Nation and the World at large.





"Where there is righteousness in the heart, There will be beauty in character;

Where there is beauty in character, There will be harmony in the home;

Where there is harmony in the home, There will be order in the nation;

Where there is order in the nation, There will be peace in the world".                                                                

                                                         - Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

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