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Sai Aashraya's Medicare Seva initiatives across India in very diverse and challenging locations and in the most under-served communities have enabled a great transformation in the lives of thousands of people. Through the super speciality medicare camps being carried out across our Great Nation we have been able to touch the lives of over 72,000 patients as of November -2022. Even as the health and the overall well being of the people living in these remote areas improved leaps and bounds, we always found it very challenging to get surgeries done for Children and Elders who needed them at the earliest. 

Our efforts to collaborate with multiple private healthcare institutions and charitable healthcare institutions didn't work at all. Even as we treated more and more patients we found the number of people needing invasive procedures only going up. Then came a point when we felt that we need our own Super Speciality Hospital, a Temple of Healing that can provide the most Loving and Holistic Medicare to all absolutely free of cost. 

With our experience in the last 6 years we saw that Cardiac care (Paediatric and Adult) , and Obstetrics and Gynaecology (OB/GYN) were the main disciplines under which we had the most number of patients being treated by us. Congenital Heart Disease among children especially in the rural areas where we work, has been one of the main problems that we have been dealing with. Cardiac ailments among adults are also high in these remote areas. Many of them have even lost their lives due to lack of awareness and access to quality tertiary healthcare. Among the mothers whom we serve, there are many who always need Obstetrics procedures and often are forced to travel in bad health to far off places to get quality treatment. We have also been able to treat thousands of patients with other ailments by systematic Medical Management and consistent follow up. 

Seeing this immense need we approached the Government of Karnataka for assistance in getting land to construct this Temple of Healing. After 2 years of persistent efforts, we were granted 5 acres of land in Vemagal, Kolar District, Karnataka, by the Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Board (KIADB). As of today, we have started construction our own 220 Bed Super Speciality Hospital specialising in Paediatric and Adult Cardiac Care, and Mother & Child Care (OB/GYN). Sai Aashraya will also be adopting over 30 Villages around this Hospital. Throughout the construction phase and later as well, weekly Super Speciality Medicare Camps are set to be held in each village. The Breakfast Seva project will expand its wings to adopt more schools in these villages. A state of the art Central Kitchen will serve close to 10,000 people a day in areas around the Hospital. STEM training programs have been planned and will be provided to the youth residing in all the neighbouring villages. This dear readers, is also a trademark Sai Aashraya Seva Project, most Loving and Holistic in every sense. 

The image that you see in the background is a 3D Rendering of how our Hospital will look when the construction is completed. To learn more about the genesis of this special Seva Project, please do watch this video. 

Sai Aashraya Super Speciality Hospital

The Story

Salient Features

Dear Readers, here are the Salient Features of Sai Aashraya Super Speciality Hospital. The slides will give us the highlights of this magnificent Seva Project that is dream that all of us in Sai Aashraya share. Let us all work with all the Love in our Hearts to realise this dream. One Team, One Dream!

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